Terms and Conditions

Committee Services

Committee Accreditation is typically granted for a 3-year approval. Accreditation approval period is dependent on the committee’s decision in which they take into account each client’s previous public health history. Accreditation typically requires annual risk assessments to stay in good standing. In some instances, the committee may allow for self, risk-assessment submissions, based on previous history and environmental risk. BioRisk Reduction reserves the right to publicly post committee decisions/accreditation on our website for the public viewing and for mutually beneficial marketing purposes, remove or adjust decisions/accreditation based on any evidence of negligence of public health or staff health, change an Environmental Pathogenic Risk Assessment (EPRA) after a secret in person inspection or surveillance of the environment at the discretion of the validating committee chair or member.

Marketing Materials

BioRisk Reduction marketing materials (with the EPRA score) may not be utilized or publicly viewable beyond approval period, failure to comply will result in a deduction in future EPRA score or accreditation period. It is permissible to keep the Door Placard in place with an "EXPIRED" posted. The lettering dimensions must be of at least 2"x8", in bright-red ink, and be in position across the score horizontally. It is permissible to continue to use the QR code on the Door Placard. You may not market BioRisk Reductions services longer than the committee approved period, unless approved in writing by the company CEO. Failure to comply will result in a deduction in future risk assessment and accreditation period.

Last Updated September 2, 2021